Thursday, 4 February 2010

(In) Human Rights Act and the Criminal (An Update)

This is an update to what i wrote in my previous Blog about the human rights act and the criminal.

In the Telegraph today there is this article about an arsonist in jail boasting about what he gets up to in prison.

An extract from the article;

One post read: ''Made a nice chocolate cake today, I ate it all to myself! I now regret not sharing it, because I feel sick!''

Another said: ''All day is playing on my PlayStation and listing to music with my feet up, drinking prison home brew. I was ------.''

Does this sound like he is being punished?

Will his time in jail make him a reformed character?

I doubt it very much. I bet he will miss having all the luxuries he had in prison so much that he will commit another crime just to get sent back down.

I work my arse off to get the small luxuries i have, but being in prison you get them given to you. I have to scrimp and save to buy a game console and the games, but all a prisoner has to do is request one, and if they get refused they claim it is against their human rights.

Where is the punishment?

This has to stop.

Prison is meant to be a punishment for criminals, not a holiday camp.

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