Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Now here's a shock announcement

This the headline to this article in the Telegraph;

Full-body scanners at airports may be illegal, warns equality watchdog

Britain’s equality watchdog has warned that full-body scanners, brought in at airports to help catch terrorists, may be illegal.

I am in total shock at this announcement, not.

These scanners are to protect the innocent people from getting killed.

Yes, we may lose some dignity with it showing certain parts, but if it stops terrorists from killing people I think I can live with it.


Carneades said...

It's a tricky one. Flying is optional, so I'm guessing using the scanners could be made part of the contract to fly you would have with the airline. However, the child issue is of some concern, given the hysteria that surrounds children in the UK, largely fostered by the DFM, who will presumably have us all convinced that airport security staff are leering molesters to a man - or woman.

Profiling, however, is actually the most contentious issue but that's been going on a long time, so I suspect the Telegraph is merely trying to worry everyone unnecessarily. Whether the policy of profiling is right - that's a whole other matter.

Mark said...

I was talking to my workmates about this today and one of them came up with this;

'I would rather have my bits on show than my bits blown to pieces.'

If it came down to a choice between a picture showing the outline of my body, including my bits and pieces, and a chance of me and my loved ones being blown up, then take as much film as you want.

The child issue is just the loony left's excuse to try and stop the scanners being used.

If it stops terrorism then we must use every tool we have.