Sunday, 7 February 2010

This is going to be a Rant, because i need to let off some steam.

Now here's a thought.

How many Labour supporters will Gordon Brown send to the Lords to ruin it for the next government?

What's the betting he will send so many Labour supporters to the Lords that the new Tory (I hope, anyone but Labour) government will have a hard time making new laws because there will be so many Labour peers to stop them.

What has happened to this country?

Democracy, Honour, Justice, Truth, Law and Order, Pride in this Country, Loyalty and Respect to name a few are all dying, if not dead, in this country.

This Country use to be called Great Britain, what has happened to it?

Is it too late to save this country?


We can't let this country fall further into this hole, that Labour have dug for us.

We need to take our country back.

There must be criminal responsibility, so if you break the law you will be punished appropriately.

Doing what's right for family friends, neighbours and country.

Like what John F Kennedy said in his inaugural address in 1961;

Ask not what your country can do for you - Ask what you can do for your country.

From what i can see, there is a large proportion of people who just take take take. There are far fewer people who give, but it is the ones who take who are rewarded.

Like the ones on the dole who haven't worked in their life and have no intention of changing. The ones who fake injury and claim disability benefits, but have nothing wrong with them.

What about all the volunteers who give their time for no or very little money. e.g St John's Ambulance and the RNLI to name just 2 of so many.

Other things that need looking at:

These baby factories. Yes i am talking about certain women who just churn out more children just so they can get more money off social security, and then spend as little of the money as possible on the children.

Children need discipline. I'm not talking about smacking them or using the cane, but they need punishment if they do wrong, so they no right from wrong. If that happens when they are young enough then maybe we won't have so many out of control kids in the schools and on the streets.

Politicians need to be answerable to the voters, and not just at election times. We need to make sure they do what the voters want and not the party machine.

A Government that doesn't let someone free because they are allegedly dying, so we can have first dips on their oil.

We need to let the police do the job with out all the red tape, the (in)human rights and all the other stupid politically correct crap holding them back.

We need prisons that punish the criminal, not give them play stations and TVs in their cells. The criminal must have a fear of going to prison, then maybe they will think twice about committing the crime.

We need schools that will give a proper education to our children. They must teach them to read and write properly, know how to do math, learn the proper history of this country, and not the politically correct crap that they are teaching now. They must teach our children with out so much political interference.

We need to get rid of the bureaucracy in the NHS and employ more nurses and doctors. Why does it take so many managers to run a hospital?

Didn't the government think that letting so many immigrants into this country would cause social and other problems. Another thought, just how many immigrants that the Labour govenment let in are terrorist sympathisers and have damaged the security of this country

Is it right that councils use anti terrorist legislation to snoop on people, and who also have the right to enter your own home with out a warrant or a police officer.

Basically we need to get this country back to normality, back to reason, back to some good sense, back to responsibility.

Rant over. Thank you for your time.

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