Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Crime & Punishment?

I just read this on the Sky News website

Nursery worker Vanessa George will serve a minimum of seven years in jail as part of an indeterminate sentence after she sexually abused young children in her care.

The indeterminate sentence means that if she shows that she is not a danger to the public or children, then she will be let out in seven years.

I blogged about 'How Long is a Life Sentence' back in October and I was wondering how long her sentence would be.

I thought that because of the serious abuse that she gave those children she would get at least 20 years before she would be up for parole.

Well she didn't get 20 years, she got an indeterminate sentence, which could mean that she will be locked up for a lot longer than seven years, but all she has to do is trick the parole board into thinking she isn't a danger.

If she does get out, will she be given a new identity paid for by the tax payer?

I have tried to keep calm while writing this blog, but the thought of this scum of the earth being let out just makes me so damn angry and upset.

Why doesn't the punishment fit the crime any more?
Why is it that the government is letting serious offending criminals out from prison early only for them to rob, rape and murder again?

I want to feel safe in my own country again, i want to know that if someone is guilty of a crime that they will be punished accordingly. All they are getting now is a slap on the wrist.


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