Sunday, 6 December 2009

Why doesn't this Shock Me

Police force 'tricks' to 'fiddle' crime figures

Police forces are using a series of tricks to manipulate crime figures to give a false picture of their performance, a former senior detective has revealed.

This is a headline to this article

I'm sure people have known this for years, but haven't any proof.

Just give us the truth about the crime figures, and then deal with it.

We all see the lawlessness in our towns and cities, but when they are caught they are just let off with a warning, or with an 'asbo' or get a light sentence if it is more serious.

I would like to see all these league tables for detection rates abolished so the police don't have to worry about how many crimes have been solved this month.

Getting rid of these league tables is a start, but the courts have to do their bit as well. They must give proper sentences to these criminals, not just a slap on the wrist.

The police and courts have a lot to do to gain the public trust again after all these years. I still have faith in the police, but it has gone down over the years. I just hope my faith in the police and courts doesn't go down any further.

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