Sunday, 6 December 2009

Is This The Start of Things to Come?

Stitch-up? Now France excludes Britain from special talks on EU farm spending

France has triggered a fresh row over EU power-broking by excluding Britain from key-Europe wide talks on the future of farm subsidies to be held in Paris this week.

Well, well, well, It didn't take long did it.

Here is a quote from the article;

The French government has summoned a meeting of what it called the "G22" - senior ministers from 22 European states - in an attempt to influence a rethink of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

However, it has not invited Britain or other so-called "reform nations" - the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Malta - all of which have argued for a full overhaul of EU farm subsidies.

Bruno Le Maire, the French agriculture minister, said the aim was to "produce a battle plan to defend a strong common agriculture policy, to support a renewed CAP."

You can read the full Article here.

This might be a one off, but in my opinion i don't think so.

I wonder what will happen next?

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Councillor John Oddy said...

I’m afraid this is only the start of Britain’s exclusion from issues that will affect us. We have rolled over like a whipped dog; all we can do now is wait and see what scraps will be thrown our way.