Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I'm Sorry but I Don't get it

I'm off to my local builders merchant in a minute to buy a brick.

Why, I hear you say.

Well i have just read this article, and i am going to see if i can make some money.

The artist, Gavin Turk, bought a brick which looks like any you can buy from any builders merchants, signed it and put on a plinth. (See Below)

It is now worth £3000.

The thing is it has been stolen and replaced with a brick like in the picture below.

Art to me is like a Constable or Van Gogh or a Monet, where the artist takes hours to create a piece of art, but this modern art i just don't get.

How can a single brick be called art?

This Gavin Turk who signed the brick is either a genius or someone who is having a big laugh.

What do you think?


Councillor John Oddy said...

Ask him if he'll send you a cheque for that amount and see if he signs it!

Carneades said...

The Visual Art world - unlike any other branch of the Arts - has to be the most pretentious, the most absurd and the least worthwhile of them all.