Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Spend money or Save Money?

This is something i have been thinking of since i read about Gordon Brown giving £1.5 Billion to the fund on helping developing countries to fight Climate Change.

If, and i mean if, the 'catastrophic' climate change occurs, wouldn't the money be better spent on updating and shoring up this country's flood defenses, or was this extra money found down the back of the sofa?

To be honest the flood defenses need fixing now, because as we have seen if it rains more than usual we get flooded. The drainage system in the UK is very poor. We need to build proper storm drains and keep flood plains as they are, so families won't get flooded out of their homes.

The UK is massively in dept and we cannot afford to give any extra money out. The government has to cut back on everything and make huge changes in what they spend on.

I know things are going to be hard over the next few years, but if you are in dept you only spend on essentials and if you have any extra money after that you put it away for a rainy day.

There needs to be a massive rethink of government spending now, and not in 6 months time.