Tuesday, 15 December 2009

How do you Spoil Christmas for People


Get airline staff to go on strike over Christmas and the New Year.

I know they have their reasons why they are going on strike, but to destroy family holidays with about a weeks notice is just wrong.

Why couldn't they strike after the New Year?
Because seeing people sitting around the airport missing out on their families Christmas, waiting for a possible flight, has a bigger impact.

I would like to ask the union exactly why they feel the need to destroy Christmas for these families. There maybe families flying out to see family members they haven't seen in years.

Also what about the families who have scrimped and saved for this Christmas holiday, and now they find it is in ruins.

If they keep this up, people will stop using British Airways and then BA will go under and then none of the staff will have a job.

I hope they resolve this before Christmas is spoilt for these families.

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