Monday, 28 December 2009

Council Snoopers

I have just been reading this article about how councils have the authority to go into our PRIVATE homes without police presence or a warrant.

Here is a quote from the article;

The average local authority has 47 employees authorised to enter private homes, although some councils have hundreds of such inspectors.

The Home Office recently admitted that 1,043 different laws permit state inspectors to enter people’s homes and premises.

Although many of the laws are necessary to ensure public order and safety, there are growing concerns that proper vetting and supervision may not be in place for those authorised to enter private homes.

Why do you need 1,043 different laws just to enter someones home. What happened to the legal way of if there was suspicion of certain activities, criminal or otherwise, you go to a court and get a warrant?

The old way was for the police, or other organisations, go in front of a judge and asked for a warrant to search a premises. The judge would ask what evidence there was, the police told them and the judge would either sign the warrant or dismiss it due to lack of evidence.

Now it looks like a council worker can just enter our homes for practically any reason.

For all that's holy, that just isn't right.

As the old saying goes 'A man's home is his castle'.

I'd like to see a council officer try to step into my home without a policeman and a warrant.

This information comes from a report by 'Big Brother Watch' .

I had a read of the report and i was wondering how many council workers have the' authority' to enter (or at least try) our homes in the Conwy county.

Below is the answer;

Clackmannanshire Council 39
Colchester Borough Council 8
Coleraine Borough Council 25
Conwy County Borough Council 361
Cookstown 16
Corby Borough Council 21
Coventry City Council Denied -cost
Craigavon Council 7

Now i am wondering, why does Conwy county council need 361 officers, when the average is 47, who have the 'authority' to enter our homes with out a warrant, when other councils have so many less?

The laws were introduced under the anti terrorist law, but councils have been using it for ridiculous reasons, like checking if parents lied to get their child in a good school and checking if we are recycling properly.

Now if i ever saw an abuse of power this is it. It has to stop before this COUNTRY, MY COUNTRY, OUR COUNTRY falls into a pit that we will never get out of.

In previous blogs i wrote about this country becoming like the old Soviet block Stasi controlled states. Well i have changed my opinion. We are living, right now, in a stasi controlled state.

We have to change this before it is too late.


Carneades said...

Much of this legislation would be acceptable, were we actually able to trust the authorities concerned not to misuse their powers. Sadly, experience suggests otherwise...

Don't take Info at face value said...

Do the other authorities on the list have the same scope and responsibilities as Conwy CBC.
You will see that none of the others with lower figures have County Borough in the title.
The means Conwy has more roles including Social Services.

Councillor John Oddy said...

I’m afraid that this will only get worse; we are now under the control of the EU and once their abhorrent rules and regulations slither into Local Government anything will be possible.

Mrs Byron said...

Now, now youngun don’t get yerself all airiated, do wat me an’ me Byron do; sit yerself down an’ ‘ave a nice cuppa tea, take a deep breath an’ ital all seem a lot berra. Just make sure you ‘ave the kettle on when we nip ‘round unexpected like.