Friday, 18 December 2009

Copenhagen Climate Conference

I have been watching and reading about the climate conference these last two weeks and I have seen some things that worry me.

The main reason for the conference is to stop or reduce the effects of climate change (global warming), whether you believe in climate change or not that is another argument.

All i have seen is developed nations, like the US and the UK, desperately wanting to give billions of taxpayers money (OUR MONEY) into a global fund for climate change, and also saying they will reduce CO2 output by ridiculous amounts.

You have the developing nations, like China and India, being told that they must invest in renewable energy sources and not to use their own natural resouces like coal, but the developed nations would help them with money from this global fund.

Then we have the poor nations, who just want as much money as they can get from the global fund. Not because they want to invest it in renewable energy and to build up their country, but just so the leaders and their supporters can keep as much of the money for themselves.

Then we have the scientific research behind the IPCC. I'm no scientist but from what i have read on the subject there is still some doubt on the exact causes of climate change and if global warming is actually happening.

What i would expect is scientists on both sides debating it at the conference, but all i have seen is scientist and other people who are skeptics of climate change being refused entry or denied to ask questions on the subject to scientists and speakers at the conference.

Are they hiding something from us, or are they that afraid of debating the subject in case someone asks the wrong question?

Before this conference i wouldn't of put myself in either camp, if i am honest i was slightly with the skeptics, but after all that i have seen at the conference and the research i have done myself on the internet and the library i am definitely a skeptic.

All i ever wanted was the truth, but from what i have seen and read the IPCC scientists, world governments and the green movement don't want to here anything other than the world is heating up, the seas will rise 20 feet in the next 100 years, the North and South Poles are melting and that humans are the only reason for climate change.

This reminds me of the old Soviet Union where if someone spoke out against the government or communism they were taken away and never heard from again.

We live in a democracy, or are meant to, and it looks like we are being denied our right to free speech.

What with the UK being part of the EU, which is an unelected body, and now people being unable to speak out against something that clearly isn't 100% proven is very worrying indeed.

I maybe wrong, but i believe we are on a slope towards something that people died for in there thousands to prevent.


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