Saturday, 3 October 2009

How Long is a Life Sentence?

A couple of ('scum of the earth') youths, , savagely, beat up and kill a father of five.

They get put on trial and found guilty, and get sentenced to life imprisonment.

Job done.

But it isn't, because they are up for parole after just 11 and 13 years. That isn't a life sentence.

A life sentence, to me, should be a minimum of 25-30 years before they are up for parole.

What those two youths did to that poor man was beyond savage. Add to that that they didn't even show any remorse shows that those two scum should never be let out of prison. They are a danger to the public.

When they sentence people, the judges should have basic guidelines for sentencing.
For example;
If it is premeditated murder or murder with malice, the sentence should be something like 25 years (until eligible for parole) up to life without parole (where they die in prison), which those two scum should of received.

The whole sentencing system for courts and magistrates should be reassessed. The American system of 'three strikes' where if you are found guilty for a third (felony) offence you are sentenced to life without parole. Maybe the British system can use something like this as a template for the more serious of crimes, from assault to burglary to fraud, for example.

Each time you are found guilty the sentence increases, and if you are found guilty for a third time for a serious offence, the sentence should be at the very least 15-25 years.

I don't know how to stop what is happening in our streets, but there needs to be a deterrent out there because criminals are getting away with murder, quite literally.

On another subject, it will be interesting to see what the judge will sentence those three scum paedophiles to. If it is anything below 20-25 years then there will be uproar.

I really don't want to write too much about this because i get so angry and upset.

I haven't got any children of my own, but i am very protective of my nephews, nieces and my friends children, and the thought of someone hurting them, well anger will be an understatement.

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