Thursday, 22 October 2009

A letter about Llandudno Lifeboat

Above is a letter by a Mr Oakley Kelly, a very experienced lifeboatman from his letter the other week, putting his side of the argument about the lifeboat station being built on the promenade.

I hope people will listen to someone like Mr Kelly, and not to people like Mr Lawson Reay about the need for a new lifeboat station for Llandudno lifeboat on the promenade.

I have been looking for some articles about Llandudno lifeboat and i have found the following;

The crew at Llandudno lifeboat station have recieved an award for their bravery in the rescue of that couple 30 miles off Llandudno. No one can doubt the bravery of the men and women of Llandudno lifeboat or the RNLI in general.

The Lifeboat station is small (see link), They need a new station, let them build it where they want.

Like what Mr Kelly says in his letter;
Mr Reay refers to the "minions" at RNLI HQ. He should know that almost all of the senior operational staff at Poole were, at one time or another, Divisional Inspectors of Lifeboats covering Llandudno and the whole of the Western Division. They are the ones with all the operational experience to decide if and where to build a boathouse.

I guess that 99% of the RNLI 'minions' from Poole don't have a reason to come to Llandudno. Most of the employees will be office staff, people organising the equipment and storage of spares, the boat builders and repairers, computer IT department. Why would they need to come to Llandudno?

As Mr Lawson Reay knows the head lifeboatman at Poole came to Llandudno (See Link below) to a meeting of the North Wales Business club early this year. So they do come out of hiding now and again Mr Lawson Reay, so get your facts right before you knock anyone or any organisation.

I can't wait for Mr Lawson Reay's reply next week.

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