Friday, 30 October 2009

A Letter about Llandudno Lifeboat 2

I am glad to see more people are writing in to the North Wales Weekly news regarding Llandudno Lifeboat and their ongoing trials to try and build a new station by Llandudno Pier.

The latest letter, (See Link), is a very good reply to what John Lawson Reay has been saying over the last few months.

Mr Nicol sounds, from his letter, that he has experienced a lot while he was in the Coastguard, Mr Nicol's letter is from someone who has been there and done that, not something that i can say about Mr Lawson Reay

His letter last week said 2 former Lifeboat crew were backing him in his proposals for where the Lifeboat Station should be.

Now I have a lot of respect for lifeboatmen, and women, current crew and retired crew, but both of these men were on the crew many years ago and, in my opinion, may not know what is needed for the current and future of the Lifeboat in Llandudno.

The current lifeboat station was built in 1903, and was built there to launch from both the West shore and Llandudno promenade. Now it is 2009, 106 years later. I think Llandudno needs a new Lifeboat station.

The slipway that the lifeboat launches from is about 100 yards from the pier, so it is common sense that the new lifeboat station should be built as close as possible to the slipway.

Mr John Lawson Reay says that it will spoil the look of Llandudno promenade, but has he forgotten what the extension to the theater has done to the look of the promenade. or that the view from the promenade is already spoilt by the wind farms.

Llandudno is a 'Victorian resort', but i think that some residents and councillors are still in Victorian times. We need to think for the future of Llandudno, we need to think of what is best for Llandudno now and for the future.


Jack said...

No we don't live in Victorian times, we just don't want our town spoilt by this monstrosity on the promenade. Silly of us to care about how our town looks, I know...

And why don't we look at the facts.. In 2009 so far there have been a total of 30 callouts. Oddly enough, the greatest number of these calls were for incidents in the Colwyn Bay area. Wouldn't it therefore make more sense to move the lifeboat station to Colwyn Bay prom?

My Thoughts My Country said...

Thank you for your comments.

Yes some of the launches have been in Colwyn Bay, but taking the data from Llandudno Lifeboats website, there have been 10 call outs to the Colwyn Bay, Rhos on Sea area out of the 30 callouts this year.

The rest (20) were on Llandudno's Great Orme and Little Orme, and also the West Shore.

If you want to check yourself the link is below.