Sunday, 1 November 2009

ASBO Youths to be Named and Shamed says PM

The Prime Minister says ASBO youths will be named and shamed by having their names published on the internet and by leaflet. (See Link)

Will it be a deterrent to those hardcore youths out there determined to cause havoc on our streets. In my opinion Not A Chance.

The only way to combat these youths is to have police patrolling our streets. The police also need to know that they won't be held back by any politically correct rubbish. There are times for the police to be tactful, and there are other times when they need to be forceful.

Having the police patrolling our streets is one thing, the other is the courts. When the police arrest someone, say for disturbing the peace or even assault, the police gather evidence and send it to the CPS, they go to court and they get a conviction. Then the magistrates sentence them to a ridiculously soft sentence, even though the same person has been in front of them before.

The whole system need to be changed.

The PM quotes;
''The consequences for committing anti-social behaviour should be clear.''
Mr Brown said he was renewing the Government's focus on crime in the weeks ahead as he promised to ''make life better for the mainstream majority''.

I have just one thing i have to say to the PM, remember what your party said twelve and a half years ago.

What you can't remember, here let me remind you;


You're a bit late, you should of stuck to what you said all those years ago.

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