Saturday, 21 November 2009

Climate Change? 3

Here is a very interesting article about climate change.

If what the article is saying is true then the whole world has been lied to.

It maybe that some of the quotes, from the emails, have been used in the wrong context by the people who wrote them. Then again they might of kept certain data from the public.

I won't be passing judgment just yet, but i believe there will be a huge backlash against governments and environmentalists in the near future unless they give the public more information.

I have found a website that has all the emails taken from the climatic research unit in East Anglia. There is a huge amount of emails to go through and i bet the people who took them haven't gone through them all yet.

Click here if you are interested.

This will definitely put the cat among the pigeons.

I wonder what will happen next?

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