Friday, 27 November 2009

Climate Change?

I have been thinking this last week, since the hacked emails story came out, about other aspects of the environment that has been pushed into the background in recent months and years.

For example;

Deforestation, oil pollution, water and air pollution, not just CO2 in the atmosphere.

Why aren't they been talked about, they are causing ill health in people now.

I am sceptical about the causes of climate change, but i do believe in protecting our environment.

I would like the politicians to talk about those subjects in Copenhagen, not just CO2 emissions.


Anonymous said...

You're spot on when you note that many other aspects to the whole climate change debate aren't being talked about, but that's almost certainly because the media choose not to make those stories current. At the moment, the big story is global warming - which is happening - and the effects it will have - which we don't know - and why it is happening - which we seem to have even less idea about. Deforestation is a major issue, since forests absorb huge amounts of CO2.

A few years ago, the media became hot and bothered about ozone depletion, whcih was eventually attributed to the use of various ozone-depleting gases in aerosols and 'fridges. That's old news now, so we hardly ever hear about it, yet the problem continues and hasn't just gone away. At long last, however, it is being noticed that farmed animals seem to be significant contributors to the warming process.

Carneades said...

There's some more interesting research recently that suggests we here in Europe could be heading for a much colder period. There's an accumulation of data which now reveals two things: that the ice age of 12800 years ago (in which a massive glacier scooped out the Nant Ffrancon pass) happened within six months. In other words, our climate went from fairly average to uninhabitable within that period and remained so for many years.

Info is here:

This is confirmed by the concern many maritime researchers are experiencing in relation to the Gulf stream - that current of warm, sub-tropical water that protects us from cold weather extremes - in which the evidence shows that it has reduced in flow by 30% since the '50s. Ironically, despite the actual global warming that seems to be happening we could be heading for a much, much colder future in Northern Europe.