Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Search is Finally Over

There has been a lot of conspiracy theories about the identity of Oscar, from The Thoughts of Oscar blog.

Well i have finally found out who Oscar is and what he looks likes and there can be no denying this.

Here he is: -

Sorry Oscar, I couldn't help myself.

I got the idea from seeing the google home page and it showing that Sesame Street is celebrating it's 40th anniversary.

I do remember watching Sesame Street when i was a youngster and i loved it, from Bert and Ernie to the Count (ha ha ha ha), from Kermit the Frog to Big Bird. from Oscar to Elmo. As i am writing this i have a smile on my face i loved it that much.

I have very fond memories of Sesame Street and the fun i had watching it.

I think about Sesame Street and i think of what kids are watching now. There isn't any comparison. You learnt a lot on Sesame Street about writing, the alphabet, counting. I could even count to 10 in Spanish because of Sesame Street.

Here's to the next anniversary of Sesame Street.


Oscar said...

I knew I should have brushed my hair before going out!

Greg Delaney said...

I may have learned the equivalent of several years' worth of elementary education from watching Sesame Street