Friday, 20 November 2009

The Floods

Above are two pictures from the floods that have happened in the last couple of days. It is a double blow for the residents of Cockermouth because they had a flood back in 2005.

I really feel for the residents of these towns, because i know what they are going through. I remember the Llandudno flood in 1993.

Remember this;

I was lucky, my wife, then girlfriend, and i were in a first floor flat, but our downstairs neighbour wasn't so lucky. We brought up as much as we could, but because her flat was below the pavement level, she still lost a lot of her belongings.

That was back in 1993, it is now 16 years later and there have been floods, somewhere in the UK, every few years.

I thought someone in government, either local or national, would of thought by now that our drainage system is inadequate.

Yes we will have the usual excuse of this being a 1 in a 100 year event, i heard today that someone said that the floods in Cockermouth are a 1 in a 1000 year event.

I have a question, How many 1 in a 100 year events or 1 in a 1000 year events can the UK have?

In the last 5 years alone we have had 5 floods in parts of the UK.
The list below is from wikipedia

United Kingdom
In January 2005, flooding on the Rivers Eden, Kent, Derwent, Greta and Cocker as well as others in Cumbria, England, flooded about 2,000 properties and caused in excess of £250 million of damage.

The Boscastle flood, 2004 on the 16 August in Cornwall (Great Britain) caused much damage to buildings in the Valency river valley. Further flooding took place in surrounding valleys, and in the town of Camelford.

The June 2007 United Kingdom floods killed 6 people and devastated North, West and South Yorkshire with many road and rail closures, power cuts and evacuations with Sheffield the worst hit.

2002 Glasgow floods

2009 Cumbria and southwest Scotland floods

People have said that the reason for some of these floods is because houses have been built on flood plains and that the water doesn't have any where to go apart from the streets.

My belief is that the government has to build proper storm drains that can take the amount of water that comes down in these "1 in a 100, or 1000, year floods". Either that or build something that will ease the amount of water in the rivers after these storms, so there is less risk of people getting flooded out of their homes.

Finally i just want to send out my appreciation to all the emergency services who are rescuing these people in the floods, the fire service, the RNLI, the police to name a few.

My sympathies are with the wife and family of PC Bill Barker who died helping others in the flood
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