Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Bodycare UK 'bans Remembrance Day poppies'

That is the news headline in the Telegraph.

A spokesman for Bodycare’s parent company, GR and MM Blackledge, said: "Employees are only allowed to wear their uniform, and charitable pins would not be considered part of the uniform.”

The spokesman said the company did not differentiate between charities, having decided to ban all wristbands and charity emblems.

Is this spokesman a brainless idiot who just recites company policy.

Does this spokesman have any form of common sense?

Does this spokesman realise what sacrifice the soldiers of both world wars and who have died since?

Does this spokesman know what sacrifice really is, or is his idea of sacrifice, for example missing lunch, working late, missing a football match because he has to work.

I hope this guy, and the company, finds out how stupid they are. I hope people boycott this company until they change their minds on their employees wearing poppies.

The poppy is our way of showing the men and women of our armed forces, past and present, that we honour those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

If i ever meet this spokesman for Bodycare, i will take him to the nearest Royal British Legion and ask him to tell the old soldiers why no one in his company is allowed to wear a poppy.

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Anonymous said...

Myself and my partner strongly agree with you on the taking them to the nearest royal british legion, love to see that, would make a great youtube video.

The management of the company must only think about their wage packets at the end of the month and their own Charity's and no one else's.

As i quote from the news they banned all wrist bands and badges from their store's but not the head office & warehouse, which is an outrage.

As you said in your blogg you would ask him why no one is allowed to wear poppy's in his company, even though he and many other members of higher office and managment staff wear them.

It amazed us when they changed their minds about the policy as soon as they got bad media coverage which would affect them bulging wage packets. ;)

They have changed their story but i garentee they have no feelings towards the meaning of the poppy.