Saturday, 24 October 2009

What a beach should be like

I just found the top picture on the internet. What a site this is or should i say was.

I am guessing that the top picture was taken late 50's early 60's, and the other was taken by myself last year.

As you will see we have the wooden partitions there to help keep the sand where it is. Today we don't have those partitions and as you have no doubt seen yourselves we have a beach that is mostly covered in rock, stone and shingle.

There is a small part that is still mostly sand but that is only about 100 yards between the pier and the concrete slipway.

I remember, just, from when i was a child. In the summers my friends and i would spend hours swimming in the sea, while our mothers chatted to one another and then calling us all in for lunch. We had so much fun in the summers back then.

In my opinion if we can get the beach back to what it was all those years ago maybe, if we get decent weather as well, we will get more holiday makers coming back to Llandudno and it will help revitalise the town.

A couple of years ago the council made a big publicity announcement about this machine that would clean the beach of the rocks and stone and shingle and give us back a sandy beach.

Well in the last couple of years i have seen nothing of that machine.
Is it broken?
Was it just a publicity stunt?
Doesn't anyone know how to drive it?
Or is it due to health and safety that the council cannot use it due to some stupid regulation.

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