Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Does Crime Pay?

Well if you are a politician you are.

I'm talking about Jacqui Smith. I know this has been talked about in other blogs, but i just had to have my say.

Jacqui Smith flipped her home and then received £116,000 over four years, when she allegedly was using a room in her sisters house as her main home.

She was found out, and yesterday instead of paying even some of the money back she was told to apologise to the House of Commons for defrauding the taxpayer. Is she feeling bad about defrauding the taxpayer, i doubt it. All she is feeling bad about is the fact that she was found out.

Well with a majority of about 2,000 votes i think we won't be seeing much of her after the election.

I would love to know how many MPs have actually become rich off the expenses system. For example they buy a house do it up with the second home allowences and then sell it for a profit.

A law for them and a law for the rest of us.

The British taxpayers have been mugged by some of these politicians.

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