Saturday, 24 October 2009

Question Time this week.

I don't usually watch Question Time, but i had to watch this week because i wanted to see what Nick Griffin was like with an audience that wasn't pro BNP.

There have been arguments about weather Nick Griffin should be allowed to go on Question Time, or any other mainstream tv programme. Part of me didn't want him on Question Time, but another did want him on tv.

From what i saw Nick Griffin came off badly. David Dimbleby did a good job to get Nick Griffin to answer questions and not go off on one of his rants. for example; when he was asked about being friends with the head of the KKK and about his questioning of the holocaust being a lie.

As the programme went on he became more twitchy and shifty. In my opinion that answered my worries about whether he should be allowed on a mainstream tv programme like Question Time. Nick Griffin can't handle an audience of people that aren't supporters of the BNP.

The best part of the programme, for me, was when Bonnie Greer said about indigenous people of Britain 17000 years ago. Nick Griffin said that the indigenous people of Britain have been forced out by people from the out side.

Bonnie Greer said that 17000 years ago the indigenous people of Britain were Neanderthals, and that modern people of Britain's ancestry came from the African Continent. If i read between the lines of what she said, she was saying Nick Griffin and his Party were neanderthals. Like it

This weeks Question Time has shown that Nick Griffin can't hold his own unless there is just pro BNP supporters in the audience.

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