Sunday, 9 May 2010

The UK getting screwed by the EU again

British taxpayers ordered to bail out euro

Britain faces paying out billions of pounds under a European Union deal intended to prevent another financial crisis like the one in Greece.

That is the headline to this article

When did we join the Euro?

We still have the Pound, so why is Britain helping to bail out Greece?

The reason is we were signed up to the European Constitution, oh sorry, the Lisbon Treaty by an unelected Prime Minister.

When Gordon Brown signed the treaty we lost the veto.

An extract from the article.

“When the markets reopen Monday we will have in place a mechanism to defend the euro,” said President Sarkozy yesterday. “This is a full-scale mobilisation.”

Euro-zone leaders are attempting to get round objections from countries such as Britain by invoking Article 122 of the Lisbon Treaty, intended to enable a collective response to natural disasters. This does not need unanimous agreement.

Sounds like a dictatorship to me..

By doing so, Mr Sarkozy has ensured a speedy confrontation with a new British prime minister and other leaders of non-euro currency countries. All 27 EU finance ministers must be present, but because decision will be taken by qualified majority vote, the 16 euro zone leaders can ensure its passage.

This is another example of how much power the EU has over the UK.

We didn't sign up to the Euro, so why should the British Tax payer help to bail it out. Any how, we haven't got any money left.

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Anonymous said...

British Election Was a “Fiasco That Would Shame the Third World” Says International Observer
Tue, 11/05/2010.

The British election was one of the “most shambolic, incompetent and fraudulent elections Britain has ever witnessed,” according to international observer and Oxford historian Mark Almond.

Mr Almond, who is also Visiting Professor of International Relations at Bilkent University, Ankara, has said in a newspaper article that “ingenious fraudsters” from the “minority communities” have committed massive registration fraud.

Mr Almond’s comments have confirmed the British National Party’s allegations of massive ethnic gerrymandering in east London, where dozens of voters with ethnic names were found to be registered at addresses in key wards.

The huge ethnic “turnout” in the election played a critical role in the election result.

According to Mr Almond, “New Labour turned voter registration into a free-for-all. Coupled with unfettered immigration, keeping accurate electoral records was thus reduced to little more than guesswork.

“Ingenious fraudsters — usually in minority communities — were soon competing to see who could squeeze the most imaginary voters into one property.

“Worse still, Blair also opened up postal voting to anyone who requested it, making the scope for fraud even greater,” Mr Almond wrote.

He added that during the course of his work as an official observer in more than a hundred polls across the old Communist bloc, “I have witnessed more incompetence and corruption than I care to remember.

“Yet this week's British election has shocked even seasoned monitors like me. As one friend from Azerbaijan remarked archly to me yesterday, 'At least in my country, we have managed chaos’.

“What he meant was that while many corrupt governments around the world actively fiddle elections, in Britain we have witnessed fiasco rather than state-sponsored fraud.

“These are abuses of process one might expect in a banana republic, not in the land that gave us the Mother of all Parliaments,” he continued.

“In many other nations I have visited, an election as incompetently managed as Thursday's would result in riots in the street. In Britain, we just seem to shrug our shoulders.

“That is an insult to all those who have fought through the years to preserve a democracy we could once be proud of,” he concluded.