Wednesday, 5 May 2010

In about 30 hours we will know...

What future this Country has.

When Labour came to power in 1997, they promised so much.

13 years later look at what this country has become.

Labour have all but ruined this country. You just have to look at some of my blogs, and others on the blogosphere, to see what has happened to this country over the last 13 years.

Education - UK slipped to 24th on English and math, pupils running riot in schools, pupils being taught by classroom assistants not qualified teachers, league tables,
Law and order - crime up, no (real) police on the beat, social breakdown, knife crime up, gun crime up, League tables,
Justice - criminals let out early to commit more crimes, ASBOs, prison sentences that don't fit the crime,
Hospital infections, not enough nurses to cover wards, care assistants on wards instead of proper nurses, league tables,
Economy ruined, 1.5 trillion in debt, our children and grandchildren will pay off this debt,
Millions on benefits,
MPs expenses,
A promise of a referendum on Europe broken, Immigration out of control,
Gordon Brown,
Tony Blair,
War in Iraq, War in Afghanistan, Soldiers not given proper equipment, soldiers dying because of underfunding, soldiers dying because they weren't given the right vehicles, soldiers dying due to the lack of helicopters.

But the worst thing Labour has done is the breaking of the MILITARY COVENANT.

How can anyone vote for Labour after what they have done to this country?

I realise there is party loyalty, but for crying out loud what does it take for labour supporters to realise what 5 more years of labour will do to this country.

This country was once called GREAT BRITAIN, what Labour has done is reduce us to little Britain.

Labour should be sent, politically, to the stone age.

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