Saturday, 8 May 2010

This has to be a joke

The headline to the article

It's enough to make Dixon Of Dock Green blush: Security firms paid £23m to guard police stations

An extract;

Many will remember George Dixon faithfully standing guard underneath the old blue lamp.

But these days, you are just as likely to see private security staff outside a police station as an actual constable.

Figures have revealed police forces spend £23million on private security to protect their stations and headquarters

Far from the traditional image of a bobby keeping a lookout on the station steps - memorably portrayed by Jack Warner in the long-running TV series Dixon Of Dock Green - it seems that the safety of our police stations is being left in the hands of civilians.

Well, if it helps get the police out on the streets then I could live with that, but the police aren't on the streets they are still drowning in paperwork.

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