Saturday, 1 May 2010

How is this not Racially Motivated

Muslim daubs war memorial with 'Islam will dominate the world' - but walks free after CPS says he was NOT racially motivated

That is the headline to this article.

An Extract

A Muslim protester who daubed a war memorial with graffiti glorifying Osama Bin Laden and proclaiming 'Islam will dominate the world' walked free from court after prosecutors ruled his actions were not motivated by religion.

Tohseef Shah, 21, could have faced a tougher sentence if the court had accepted that the insults - which included a threat to kill the Prime Minister - were inspired by religious hatred.

But - citing a loophole in the law - the Crown Prosecution Service chose not to charge him with that offence and he escaped with only a two-year conditional discharge and an order to pay the council £500 compensation after admitting causing criminal damage.

All I have to say is, what would of happened if someone had written something like;

'Christians will dominate the world' On a muslim memorial?

Would the Christian be let off, like Tohseef Shah, with a £500 fine. I don't think so.

He would be up on a racial and religious hate crime, and probably be sent to prison.

Incidents like this must be punished properly by the law courts.


Cold Steel Rain said...

The mans a tosser - laugh at him mate.

I blogged about this too...

Oscar said...

No one has the balls to either take a stance or do something about it.

The Jet Set said...

"Islam" is a "religion" not a "race". There are white and black muslims, or have you forgotten about Cat Stevens and Cassius Clay?.