Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Postal Voting Fraud

Going on from Journalist is attacked Investigating Postal Voting Fraud is another article on postal fraud.

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Labour election fraud ‘would disgrace a banana republic’

That is the headline to this article which was first published in April 2005.

An extract;

SIX middle-aged Muslim men, all pillars of their communities, won seats on Britain’s biggest local authority in the most corrupt election campaign since the Victorian era.

Vote-riggers exploited weaknesses in the postal voting system to steal thousands of ballot papers and mark them for Labour, helping the party to take first place in elections to Birmingham City Council.

They believed that their cheating would be hidden for ever in the secrecy of the strong boxes where counted votes are stored, never suspecting that a judge would take the rare step of smashing the seals and tracing the ballots back to the voters. Election corruption has been so rare in the past 100 years that lawyers have struggled to find examples since the late 19th century, when Britain was adjusting to the novelty of universal male suffrage.

If it was this bad 5 years ago, what could it be like now?

All postal votes must be scrutinised before being added to the votes of the ballot box. There is too much of a chance of fraud using postal votes.

I wonder if that is why Labour bought postal voting in?


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Global Elections Civil War

Wednesday, 05 May 2010
Perhaps someone can tell me if I am actually living in my own nightmare, when I learn that 'our' government is allowing foreigners in Afghanistan to vote in our elections to appoint a government which will rule our country?

Perhaps someone can look into the legality of this?

Perhaps someone can tell me I AM really living in a nightmare, but that I will wake up, and I won't have to dream that I have a foreign government running my country.

Surely, there is a person out there who is able to answer the question as to what the effin hell are the political parties doing in this and others countries, when our own troops have had their votes removed.

Globally the nutcases who support these clowns have only one aim in life and you'd best wake up to it.

It is to KILL BRITAIN, and the British people's ability to regain control of their country by any means other than armed uprising

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