Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I'm still trying to get my head around this case...

Regarding the case of the 2 ten year olds.

I was trying to put into words what my thoughts were on the subject, until I saw this article. Philip Johnston says it all in the article

Was this really attempted rape – or children playing?

By Philip Johnston

Two boys aged 10 and 11 have been found guilty of the attempted rape of an eight year old girl. I find it almost impossible to get my head around this.

The evidence in the case suggested that they were indulging in the sort of curiosity that children have shown in each other’s bodies since the dawn of time. They were initially charged with rape until the little girl told the court that this had not actually happened.

Boys of that age are almost certainly pre-pubescent and their interest in the little girl almost certainly non-sexual. A jury at the Old Bailey heard the evidence and found them not guilty of rape but guilty of attempted rape. They will now be on the sex offenders register, though as the judge said he had no idea what that meant for children of this age.

Is there any other period in our history, or any other country in the world, where the pre-pubescent fumblings of children would result in a rape trial? We bombard children with sexual imagery and then are surprised when they show interest in what it means. It is astonishing that they were convicted but even more amazing is that it even came to court at all.

Have we lost all concept of childhood in this country?

“I don’t think anyone who has sat through this trial would think for a moment that the system that we employ is ideal,” said Mr Justice Saunders.

He can say that again.

Could this set a precedent or can common sense be brought in?

 This case looks like it was just 3 children being curious, but the girl became scared and worried about what her mother would think.

The reasons why this case was brought to court needs to be looked at.

Now we have 2 boys found guilty of attempted rape, for just being curious. How will this effect their future lives?

What about the girl in this, how will she feel in the future about this, how will it effect her life in the future.

All the adults in this case, the police the CPS, the parents, the court system have to answer questions about this case and the future well being of the 3 children

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