Thursday, 13 May 2010

Is this a case of 'Do as we say and not as we do?'

EU imposes wage cuts on Spanish 'Protectorate', calls for budget primacy over sovereign parliaments

Spain has followed Ireland and Greece in imposing 1930s-era wage cuts to slash the budget deficit, complying with EU demands for further austerity in exchange for the €720bn `shock and awe’ rescue for eurozone debtors.

That is the headline to this article

All nations who are in debt should find ways to save money, that isn't my problem.

What I find annoying is the EU demanding countries make cuts in pay, to be eligible for the 720bn euro rescue package, when the EU ministers increase their own pay.

See Daniel Hannan's video here

Let's not get into the fact that the accountants of the EU haven't signed off on the EU's budgets for about the last 15 years.

See Daniel Hannan's video here

If these countries want to save money, don't give any more money to the EU until they practice what they preach.

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