Saturday, 16 October 2010

The eu Wasting Money, no, they would never waste our Money

The following is taken from this article, originally found on Subrosa's Blog

EU president used official motorcade for 'family holiday' trip

Herman Van Rompuy, the EU president, has come under fire for using his official motorcade as a taxi service to take his family on 325-mile round trip to Paris airport en route to a private holiday.

An extract;
Aides for Mr Van Rompuy admitted to The Daily Telegraph that he used official cars and chauffeurs to take him, his wife, four children, two of their spouses and two grandchildren more than 162 miles to France to catch a holiday flight in August.
His official motorcade was then waiting for the family group to bring them back to Brussels from Paris when they returned from their private vacation, thought to be in the Caribbean.

The cost of an equivalent trip, hiring three S-class Mercedes cars and drivers from the Brussels based "Belgian Limo" company, would be over £4,000.

The rail connections are considered secure enough for EU heads of state and government, including David Cameron, the Prime Minister, who, while considered a greater security risk than Mr Van Rompuy, regularly uses the Eurostar to travel from London to Brussels.


Mr Van Rompuy's aides would not discuss the holiday but compared the family's security needs to those of Barack Obama, the American President and justified the use of the cars for the 325-mile private round trip as a necessary "securitisation" measure.

A security measure for the eu president?

I'm pretty damn sure a terrorist group doesn't have him on their radar.

Now the US President is the number one target for terrorists and other nutters out there, so you expect a large motorcade for the US President, but for Van Rompuy, don't make me laugh.

"All costs of the private part of the holiday, down to the last euro, were met by the president. The security requirement was paid for out of his office budget."

Excuse me, but who pays his wages and office budget?

Yes, the poor old taxpayers of Europe.

How many more ways can we get screwed by the eu?

Plenty, they are always thinking of ways to screw the Taxpayer.

Keep a close eye on them and you'll see.

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