Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Are the words savings and cuts in the EU dictionary?

British payments to EU set to rise £900m next year

The European Parliament voted through a budget rise yesterday that will cost Britain an extra £900 million next year – on the day George Osborne announced deep cuts to public spending.

That is the headline to this article.

An Extract;

A £6.5 billion EU budget rise that would increase EU spending by six per cent to £114.5 billion – of which £9.2 billion would be the British contribution – was voted through by MEPs in Strasbourg.

The increase, which Britain has so far failed to block, will cost the British taxpayer an extra £884 million and is a sum equivalent to the costs of employing an additional 14,000 NHS doctors, 29,000 nurses, 34,000 police constables or 52,000 Army privates.

Today we have heard what the government is going to do to get the nations finances in order; it has had to make cuts, severe in places, to get the budget back on an even keel.

On the same day as the UK Government announces the cuts, the MEPs at the eu insane asylum parliament voted for an increase to the eu budget.

An extract;

Daniel Hannan, the Conservative MEP for South-east England, attacked his colleagues for voting through budget increases that would undermine attempts by national governments to cut public spending.

"This vote shows how utterly divorced MEPs are from reality and how far the European parliament is from a representative body," he said. "There is not a country in Europe that is not going through cuts but we have a situation where the EU is sucking up the savings."

MEPs also voted to double the parliament's budget for champagne receptions, increased spending on their courtesy limousines and maintained £8 million in funding for Europarl television, despite refusing to release the channel's viewing figures, thought to be in the hundreds.

Those MEPs who voted for the increase are only lining their own pockets with the taxpayer’s money of Europe.

We have people in France rioting against an increase in the age when they retire; we have also had demonstrations in the UK at the cuts announced today.

Why don't they go to Brussels and demonstrate and riot there. The eu is rotten to the core with the waste and fraud. If we didn't have to pay for the eu we would be better off.

If the UK Parliament won't put a stop to this, then it's time for all the people in Europe to rise up together and show the eu we mean business, we won't take this shit anymore.

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