Tuesday, 8 June 2010

What Planet are these people on?

Thanks to Corrugated Soundbite for this find.

I should warn you that some swearing is involved in this blog.

Good to see New Labour's internet army is still going strong:http://www.gordonbrown.org/

No new comments coming through at the moment. Presumably because whichever lesbian one legged Somali outreach and diversity management coordinator was typing them up is now suffering from severe RSI and preparing a £750k lawsuit.

Pay homage to the cunt ;-)

UPDATE: It appears that comments even with only the slightest hint of negativity are not being published at all, and those that were previously submitted have now been switched to private, along with a number of gushy comments from BBC staff.

No criticism of the disposed Dear Leader is allowed (as we probably expected). Gotta love socialism.

I have only read a few comments so far, but how long were these people brainwashed.

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