Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Another council wasting money.

Status Quo hits back at Brighton council over 'insulting' website

Status Quo have lashed out at Brighton council over a bizarre new recruitment website which declares that fans of the rock band "need not apply" for four executive jobs.

That is the headline to this article

An extract;

Brighton and Hove City Council spent about £10,000 on the website, which is designed to attract radical candidates for four new £125,000 strategic director posts.

The website's home page is emblazoned with the words "Status Quo fans need not apply" in glittery gold lettering and pink thunderbolts.

Status Quo, who reached the peak of their popularity in the 1970s, now plan to hang a banner reading: "Councillors for Brighton and Hove need not attend" when they perform at the Brighton Centre in December.

Who gave the ok to spend £10,000 on this, and why pick on Status Quo fans?

The taxpayers of Brighton, and the whole country, are the ones who pay for the stupid ideas like this. We should be given value for money for all the millions we pay to the councils of this country.

Every council in the country needs to save money, so why does Brighton council need four £125,000, directors?

I hope the people of Brighton make the councils lives hell over this.

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