Thursday, 8 July 2010

Human Rights Law is an ass

Abu Hamza extradition halted by EU judges

Human rights judges have ordered a halt to the extraditions of Babar Ahmad and radical preacher Abu Hamza, both wanted in the US on terror charges.

That is the headline to this article

An extract;

The Strasbourg court said it wanted more time to examine possible human rights breaches if the men face trial on charges which could mean life sentences without parole.

Ahmad, a 36-year old computer expert, has been in a UK prison without trial for nearly six years, refused bail since his arrest in August 2004 on a US extradition warrant.

Radical preacher Hamza is also wanted on terror charges in the US.

Both appealed separately to the European Court of Human Rights on the grounds that their treatment and potential punishment could violate Human Rights Convention provisions on the ''prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment''.

Once again, the (In) Human Rights Laws are being used by alleged international terrorists to avoid facing trail.

Why is everything being tried to stop alleged international terrorists being extradited, but Gary McKinnon is just handed over to the US authorities?

This European court of criminal and terrorists human rights and the human rights law should be there to protect the innocent, not the criminal and terrorist.

It needs to be changed so the criminal and terrorist can't use it for their own needs.

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